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Things to do in the Peak District - Great Scenery

If a relaxed holiday is what you are after why not take a leisurely look at some of the Peak District's beautiful scenery

Derwent Dam at Ladybower

Ladybower‚ Derwent and Howden Reservoirs cover an area of approx. 175 acres‚ often referred to as the Lake District of the Peak.  Visitors can sit and enjoy the magnificent water and woodland scenery‚  cycle‚ walk‚  discover the history of the sunken villages and the 617 Squadron

Winnat's Pass near Castleton

Not only famous for its unusual limestone rock formations but also for the legend of Alan and Clara‚ two star-crossed lovers who were murdered in the Pass as they eloped to the Gretna Green of England‚  Peak Forest Chapel‚ to be married.

Monsal Dale’s famous Viaduct

Built in 1863 and‚ at the time‚ viewed as destroying the beauty of the dale‚  now considered a notable architectural feature of the area.

Well Dressing

The ancient custom of Well Dressing is only found in and around the borders of Derbyshire and is the art of decorating springs and wells with pictures made from natural materials.

The design is plotted on a board  filled with clay and 'coloured in' using petals.